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Triumph 204 is the local arm of our competitive programming.

Having started in 2017, over 30 Triumph alumni have moved on to play at the college, university and professional levels!

Our goal with Triumph 204 is to provide an affordable local platform to identify and develop our players. The Triumph culture and environment is one in which we endeavour to instil championship-caliber habits and work ethic in our players. Winning is not a destination, it is a process - we believe that championships are a by product of the results of growth, not a singular instance of victory!


Triumph 204 competes in the Peg City Youth Basketball League. Practices are held twice weekly along with outdoor Dryland strength & conditioning workouts that take place prior to the winter season.



We shift to local tournaments, the Triumph House League and Dryland workouts during the spring and summer months. This is a crucial period for player development and culture building, and we enjoy the opportunity to keep young athletes engaged in positive activity and interactions.

Registration is now live for the 2023/24 Triumph season:

For more information, use the following link to inquire:



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For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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