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Triumph Prime was conceived out of a necessity for athletes in isolated areas of Midwestern Canada to gain more familiarity and recognition within the mainstream of the sport of basketball.

Prime is a flexible system in which our players participate in non-NCAA sanctioned competition around Canada and the United States throughout the school season as a supplementary schedule to that of their regular High School seasons:


Prime competes around Canada against Club, Prep, Collegiate and University programs during the fall and winter. In 2022/23, Prime scheduled a total of 18 games throughout this period in addition to the regular High School varsity seasons of our athletes.



Prime then switches gears and operates within NCAA compliant recruitment windows from April through July at certified events around the United States and Canada. Over the past several years, Triumph has participated in the following events:


Terrific 24 (Pangos) - Phoenix, AZ

Midwest Mania (MADE Hoops) - Ohio

Battle at the Lakes (Prep Hoops) - Minneapolis, MN

The Summit (Zero Gravity) - Manheim, PA

Summer Classic - Chicago, IL

NHR State Tournament (Prep Hoops) - Minneapolis, MN

Las Vegas Live (Bigfoot Hoops) - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Classic (Bigfoot Hoops) - Las Vegas, NV

This spring and summer, Triumph Prime will be making a return to many premiere events and continue to provide the best platform to Canadian basketball players in the Midwest.

Prime is now taking applications for the 2023/24 season:

For more information, use the following link to inquire:



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For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

THANK YOU. We will respond soon.

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