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Q: When are tryouts?

Tryouts officially happen once per year, in August.

There are general guidelines that youth basketball clubs in Manitoba are expected to follow with tryouts, and that is for everyone to hold their tryouts once per year at the same time. This is meant to prevent any type of competitive advantage being granted to any one team.

Q: When is the Club Basketball season?

Generally speaking, most clubs compete in the Peg City Youth Basketball League (


For grades 5 through 8, this season runs from September through March with games every weekend.

For grades 9 through 12, this season runs from September through December as a showcase league with 3 games every 3 weekends.

Q: What if I want to join a team after the tryout period?

For someone who is new to club basketball in Manitoba, this process can be confusing and frustrating, we know! You're not alone, but here is some information to help you out:

  • The August tryout period is where players audition for teams, whether they are returning players or new to the programs for which they are trying out.

  • Once teams have been selected and rosters have been submitted, the tryout period is considered to have ended. After this, any roster can be filled with any player so long as they are not listed on a roster for another program.

  • Furthermore, while no team can officially hold another tryout until August, players can switch teams freely throughout the year provided they have a "release" from their previous team; without this release, they are not permitted to compete in any events/leagues sanctioned by Basketball Manitoba, however, it does not prevent a player from competing in events outside of Basketball Manitoba's sanctioning (out-of-province competition)

  • Anyone who missed tryouts can simply contact a team and ask to join a team of their age. There are many youth basketball programs in Manitoba, each of which have very different methods, goals and cultures. There is no general template to follow for Club Basketball teams as each is an individual entity.

Q: If I played WMBA, is that the same as Club? Do I need a release?

No. Playing at the WMBA (Community) level does not have any bearing on your status as a Club basketball player. Many players will do both, as there is not much Club basketball happening locally in the spring & summer due to the Provincial Team. Therefore, many Club level players will participate in the Peg City League during the Fall & Winter, and then play in the WMBA for the Spring.



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